Season 4,

episode 087 / Breaking up is Hard to Do

October 16, 2019
episode 87 / SEASON 4
October 16, 2019

Breaking up is Hard to Do.


Show Notes


Listen in this week as the therapists answer a listener’s question:

How do you know when to leave a relationship?

Pam and Iona discuss the reasons for having left or stayed in their own relationships through the years, then dive into some literature that can help guide the decision whether to stay or to go.


Resources Mentioned in Podcasts

Benson, K. (September 2016). Love quiz: Is it time to leave your relationship?


Brittle, Z. (March 2019). How to break up.


Davies, S. (not stated). Book summary: Too good to leave, too bad to stay.


Dollard, C. (June 2018). How to know when breaking up is the healthiest choice.




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