Season 3,

Episode 58 / All The Things I Can’t Control

March 13, 2019
episode 58/ SEASON 3
All The Things I Can’t Control


Show Notes


This week the therapists grapple with the things they can and can’t control in their partners and in their relationships.

Iona’s husband is having some issues with his family of origin and she wants to protect him from the fallout, but he refuses to let her. She feels frustrated and her anxiety cannot be soothed by controlling the situation, because he won’t cooperate!

Pam also has a family member in her life  who creates anxiety for her husband. She puts boundaries up around him in the same way that Steve puts boundaries up around Iona. Pam and Steve are stressed out having to deal with us!

What’s underneath this need for control? How can we support our family members short of controlling them? Listen in and learn how to support your loved one without putting your own agenda front and centre!


Resources Mentioned in Podcasts

Leotti, L., Iyengar, S. & Ochsner, K. (October 2010).
Born to Choose: The origins and value of the need for control.



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