Season 3,

Episode 50 / Thriving, Surviving, or Just Staying Alive

January 16, 2019
episode 50/ SEASON 3
Thriving, Surviving, or Just Staying Alive

Show Notes


Welcome to season 3 everyone!
This week listen in as the therapists open the new season with a dish and a dive about the difference between surviving and thriving. Iona talks about being stuck in survival mode for so long that she doesn’t even notice that some of her responses in her marriage are still coming from that place, even though there is no evidence that she is in any emotional danger.
Pam weighs in on the issue and finds that her responses in her marriage can also be survival based. It takes an awareness of the price they pay for their automatic responses to move them out of survival mode into a healthier place of thriving.
Learn how to recognize if your responses are survival driven and how to get out of the red zone and into thrive mode to have a happier and less stressful marriage and life!

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