Season 3,

episode 063 / Depression. part 1

April 17, 2019
episode 63 / SEASON 3
Apr 17,2019

Depression. part 1 of 2


Show Notes


Listen in this week when Pam and Iona dish and dive about depression as part 1 of a special 2 part series. 

The therapists talk about how depression has touched their own personal lives and those of their loved ones and how their relationships with depressed family members have impacted them over the years. They dive into some literature on depression to help better understand it.

The series continues next week with some treatment options.
There is hope!

Listen to part 2 here 


Resources Mentioned in Podcasts

Mood Disorders Society of Canada. (not stated). What is depression?

Mood Disorders Society of Canada. (not stated). Could it be depression?

Parekh, R. (January 2017). What is depression?


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