Season 3,

Episode 59 / Forgiveness

March 20, 2019
episode 59/ SEASON 3


Show Notes


This week the therapists dish and dive on forgiveness.  

Iona struggles to forgive Steve for his wrongdoing and in so doing, realized that the she was the only person she was hurting by holding onto her anger.

Pam also finds it challenging to forgive Eric because well, does that mean she also has to forget?
Learn the difference between forgiving and forgetting. Stop getting stuck and start letting go!


Resources Mentioned in Podcasts

Dashnaw, D. (July 2018). The 5 essential tasks to achieving forgiveness.

Enright, R. (March 2017). Five forgiveness exercises for couples.

Gaspard, T. (December 2016). How forgiveness can transform your marriage.


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