Season 3,

episode 064 / Depression. part 2

April 24, 2019
episode 64 / SEASON 3
Apr 24, 2019

Depression. part 2 of 2 


Show Notes


Listen in this week and the therapists continue to dish and dive in part two of their two part series about depression.

They continue discussing how depression has impacted their own lives and the lives of their family and friends. They then dive into the literature and share the most current research into treatment options for this painful and often misdiagnosed mental illness.

There is hope! Treatment saves lives!
Listen to part 1 here 


Resources Mentioned in Podcasts

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Mood Disorders Society of Canada. (not stated). Managing your depression.

O’Connor, L. (July 2013). The myth of “evidence-based” treatment of depression.

Psychiatric Times (September 2011). Debate: What’s the evidence for the evidence-based treatments of depression.

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