Season 4,

episode 098 / Falling in Love. New Years Version Replay

January 01, 2020
episode 98 / SEASON 4
January 1, 202

Falling in Love. New Years Version Replay


Show Notes


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
Here is a replay of one of our favourite episodes. Falling in Love.

This week listen in as the therapists dish and dive about what it truly means to love your partner.

Sometimes we have to do away with the image we create  of our partner, so we can meet and fall in love with who this person really is. They learn that this is not a selfish thing, that another person is not out on this earth to fill all of our fantasies, but rather to be loved for who they truly are.

Listen in and decide if you’re willing to fall in love with the actual person you’re with,  instead of the fantasy of what this person can offer you.


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