Season 3,

Episode 51 / Do We Have Each Others Backs

January 23, 2019
episode 51/ SEASON 3
Do We Have Each Others Backs

Show Notes


This week the therapists dish and dive on the dilemma they have being big complainers about their partners, yet still wanting to be supportive of them and wanting them to feel like they have their backs.
Knowing their partners emotional state is helpful to increase compassion and understanding when they are also triggered by their behaviours. Of course they know that its important to avoid the most damaging forms of criticism if they want to stay connected.
They dive into the literature on the “couple bubble” and harnessing the power of the brain for love instead of war. Learn how to keep the integrity of your relationship protected while staying true to your own feelings of disappointment and frustration with your partner’s shortcomings.
Make the relationship more important than your need to be right!

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